Wellbeing is a professional medical organization in first aid training, providing AEDs (automatic defibrillators) as well as safety solutions. As a member of the British Safety Council, over the past 10 years, we have been operating in 47/63 provinces across Vietnam.We are proud to bring you products and services of international quality to join hands for a safer and happier life.

Professional and Kind

With a professional and kind working spirit, Wellbeing is a trusted partner of many large organizations, directly providing first aid training and providing genuine AED external defibrillators from the world’s leading suppliers. The quality of products, services and customer satisfaction are always given top priority.

Pioneering technology applications

Not apart from the general development of the digital age, Wellbeing pioneers the application of modern technology in training and improving service quality. Not only optimizing customer experience, applying technology helps us build a data foundation for sustainable development.

International integration

The product and service system is standardized according to international standards, constantly updated with new technology and information from the world. As a reputable partner of many multinational corporations and suppliers, Wellbeing is constantly confidently moving forward in the international market, accepting opportunities and conquering challenges.