In order to improve the student’s awareness on sexual and reproductive health and gender and sex, the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) had cooperated with Well-being to organize a communication campaign on sexual safety and gender equality for the students. The campaign is funded by Asia Development Bank (ADB).

Well-being together with USTH’s student council organized 02 group discussion on the 10th and 11th August 2015, with the participation of the company’s communication team and representative from the students, to understand the problem that the students concern about.

From the results of the discussions with the students, with the endorsement of the school’s board, Well-being with the student’s union had officially launch #ĐỪNG – Communication campaign on Gender equality and Reproductive health from 24/9-8/10/2015, with 02 main activities: the exhibition of communication materials developed by Well-being and the students, and the Gala with gameshow, drama competition, in which the sketches were written and casted by the students themselves, in order to express controversial issues on sex and gender prejudices.

The program had brought a whole new approach, in which emphasized the role and participation of the students in the program, supported them to express their expectation, hope as well as their views on the issues, instead of the traditional education method, which is boring and unable to attract the attention from the students.