Grow Up Safety

Grow Up Safely is an educational initiative aiming to equip children with personal safety skills  to protect them from running the risks of being sexual abused. The program is managed by Wellbeing Social Enterprises since 2016 and funded by the U.S Embassy in its 1st year.

#ĐỪNG – Communication campaign

In order to improve the student’s awareness on sexual and reproductive health and gender and sex, the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) had cooperated with Well-being to organize a communication campaign on sexual safety and gender equality for the students. The campaign is funded by Asia Development Bank (ADB).

#ĐỪNG – Communication campaign on Gender equality and Reproductive health from 24/9-8/10/2015, with 02 main activities: the exhibition of communication materials developed by Well-being and the students, and the Gala with gameshow, drama competition, in which the sketches were written and casted by the students themselves, in order to express controversial issues on sex and gender prejudices.


Wellbeing together with AIP to carry out the Survey on the act of parents having their children wear helmets in the 1st quarter of 2015 in Hanoi.. The subjects of the survey were the parents and primary school students from 30 schools in 8 districts of Hanoi. The survey aims to assess the responsiblity of the parents, the number of parents and students wearing helmets by each school..

Brave Class – English for LGBT

This initiative aims to solve an issue of young people in general, and LGBT community specifically: eventhough English is an important tool to find better occupation and academic opportunities, their economic capacity does not allow them to participate in English courses with foreigners. Therefore, Wellbeing cooperates with CSDS – a pioneer organization in social activities in Vietnam, to organize the first English class with the participation of foreign teachers, where LGBTs do not need to pay to come study.

Reproductive health and sexual safety for adolescent

Recognizing the need for sexual health education for young adolescent is necessary, Wellbeing had organized an extra-curricular one-day course on “Reproductive health and sexual safety for adolescent” for the students of Cau Giay Secondary school, the location is Son Tinh Resort, Ba Vi, Hanoi.
At the course, the students had the chance to study about puberty, how to use condom, contraceptive methods, they also learnt about team building in outdoor activities.
Through the use of physical teamwork and games, the students were able to easily absorb all knowledge and may share it to their friends.